Yanez Tree Services | Firewood For Sale

Firewood for many of us is our heat of choice for the cold months. As a kid growing up I always enjoyed the smell of firewood burning and the special comfort from the warmth. Personally, burning firewood is traditional. When the time comes to burn firewood for heat, it means family, friends, football, Thanksgiving and a new year. And because firewood brings so many positive emotions in my life it is important to me to make sure that every year I stock enough firewood for the entire season and choose good quality firewood.

Choosing Good Firewood

Good quality firewood is seasoned firewood. By seasoned in the industry we mean that the wood has had a chance to naturally dry for a season. When you choose good seasoned firewood, you know you are getting dry wood that will burn more efficient in your chimney and wood burning stoves. If the wood is not seasoned there is a chance that the wood may still be wet inside and this can cause many problems. Some of the problems are smoking, which is no good for our lungs, a bad odor that makes it difficult to enjoy the warmth of the fire, creosote buildup which can cause fires. To avoid these problems you buy your firewood from Yanez Tree Services and endure that you are getting quality seasoned firewood. To view more chimney safety click here.

Killeen Firewood For Sale

When looking for firewood for sale in Killeen or the surrounding areas, you need not look further than Yanez Tree Services. Yanez Tree Services focuses its energy year round in stocking acres of seasoned firewood for the firewood season. Because Yanez Tree Services understands trees and especially tree species, they know what wood will provide you with the best heat and the cleanest heat. This year as it gets cold, and you begin thinking about firewood for sale, look to Yanez Tree Services for all your firewood needs.

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