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Whenever you have a drought you are going to have stressed landscape and trees. And this creates a need for quality drought services. The moisture deficiency of a drought causes many problems for your shrubbery and trees. Looking back at history we know that droughts for the most part are temporary and as long as you are able to provide some form of water, the drought will have minimal impact on plants. More often it is the newer plants and tress that have yet to become established in the soil that are more negatively effected by a drought. This is why it is important to know a company that are experts in drought services. And now you know Yanez Tree Services can handle all your drought services preparation needs.

Moisture deficiency adversely impacts virtually every process in the plant including:

  • Reduced food (photosynthates) production
  • Reduced growth
  • Fine root mortality
  • Reduced nutrient absorption

Plants stressed by drought are more susceptible to certain pest problems including boring insects and stem and root disease pathogens. These secondary invaders are often responsible for the ultimate decline and death of the plant.

Yanez Tree Services understands that droughts seemingly are becoming more severe and intense in many regions. Which is why Yanez Tree Services can help you identify landscaping with drought tolerant species that can stand the test of a temporary drought. Integrating large mulch beds into landscapes help conserve soil moisture and reduces the competition for water from trees, turf, and other ground covers. Let Yanez Tree Services help you to protect your landscapes and trees from the next drought.

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