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Yanez Tree Services provides tree pruning services for both commercial and residential customers.  Keeping your trees properly pruned is one of the most important factors for the preservation of a tree’s health, safety, and aesthetic qualities. Pruning a tree that is insect infested can help the tree to live longer. Pruning can also help to remove low hanging limbs and or broken limbs that can cause personal injury to you or a loved one and can also cause damage to vehicles or building structures.  Trees can also be pruned for structural integrity, stability in high winds and to improve the view from specific parts of a property. Call Yanez Tree Services for all your tree pruning services needs.

Experienced Tree Pruning Professionals

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff knows that timing is important when pruning , taking into account such factors as the blooming times of flowering trees and susceptibility to certain pests and or diseases.  Proper pruning is important to maintaining healthy trees and also will ensure that the tree will heal quickly and properly.

A tree may need pruning for a variety of reasons:

► to remove diseased or storm damaged branches

► to thin crown

► to stimulate new growth

► to reduce tree height

► to remove obstructing low hanging branches

► to customize the shape of a tree

► to promote yard and lawn safety

► to save your roof from low hanging branch damage

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