Tree Stump Grinding | Yanez Tree Services

Yanez Tree Services offers tree stump grinding to both our residential and commercial customers. We understand that tree stumps can be a huge eye sore on an otherwise beautiful landscape.  Yanez Tree Services can grind the unsightly stump to below ground level. We do offer complete tree stump removal depending on the situation. However for most residential homes a good stump grinding to below the ground surface level is sufficient. We use different ways of dealing with tree stumps depending on the situation.

Yanez Tree Services uses a stump cutter to remove most tree stumps. The stump cutter has carbide teeth that shred the tree stump into small pieces.  If possible, we grind down 10 to 14 inches below the soil line to ensure that we separate the tree trunk from the roots so the plant will not grow back.  Yanez Tree Services will remove these stump grindings and will leave your yard and or lawn clean. We always consider the clean up when providing you with an accurate estimate. When you call Yanez Tree Services for your tree stump removal, you know you have called the very best.

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