Killeen Spring Tree Pruning Services

I often get asked, “When is the best time to prune a tree?” And I always answer with an age old statement that I really can’t remember where or when I first heard it. The best time to prune a tree, is when the saw is sharp. And although this is true in a general way, when planning to prepare for a beautiful yard and garden, pruning the trees and shrubs in the spring is best.

Not only does pruning in spring allow you to give a well-manicured look to your lawn, it also is often preferred because plants are approaching a period of rapid growth and pruning wounds will heal quickly. In general, if all you want to do is trim out dead, weak or diseased parts of the tree, this type of pruning can be done at any time of the year without drastic effects on the tree. However pruning in the spring should be a part of your overall yard strategy for the year.

Pruning in the spring also allows more sun to reach areas where other plants and flowers are competing for those coveted rays of sun. Your lawn strategy should always consider all the participating plants, shrubs and flowers, so you can properly organize the water distribution and the sunlight. Pruning trees and shrubs in the spring will definitely allows other plants to get more sun.

Spring is fast approaching and now is the time to call Yanez Tree Services to assist you with all your spring tree pruning needs. We can help you to identify what should be your best spring tree pruning plan to give your overall yard and lawn the best look possible in addition to giving the best survival opportunities to all your plants and flowers.

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