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killeen tree servicesYou don’t have to be in the tree business to have heard about tree topping. Topping is really nothing more than pruning a tree, topping however is pruning to the tenth power. When topping a tree, the tree’s height is drastically reduced either by cutting the main trunk of the tree at a certain height or by removing large tree limbs. Although tree topping has some legitimate practical applications used in the wood harvesting industry, it is rarely necessary in pruning residential trees and can end up causing more harm than good.

Killeen Tree Services | Tree Topping

It’s important to point out that at Yanez Tree Services we use tree topping as a last resort after all possible solutions have been exhausted. We do everything in our power to find solutions for proper pruning that do not involve tree topping. There are some common misconceptions about topping trees that lead some people to believe topping is a good course of action in tree pruning. These misconceptions do not merit risking the life of the tree. Here are a couple of the misconceptions:

The first and most self centered misconception is that tree topping reduces the mess of leaves that clutter the ground in the fall. This is true only for a very limited time and after the tree regrows it usually grows in fuller and leaves you with more leaves than before.

Another misconception is that it always reduces the risk of the tree falling over. This isn’t true, as topping can result in increased risk because of unbalanced weight.

Topping is a dangerous last resort

In the tree industry we are always thinking on behalf of the tree and what is best for the tree. Trees are alive and we need them for our own health. Therefore, tree topping is seen as negative in our industry as there are many possible wrongs that can occur. Topping any tree can result in severe stress damage and can also lead to the death of the tree. In addition a tree needs it’s leaves to provide a sufficient form of food through photosynthesis. By topping too many leaves are removed causing the tree to starve to death. Last, tree topping also leaves a tree susceptible to sun scald, bark damage, and decay-causing organisms, which can eventually lead to the death of the tree.

Tree topping is a dangerous task that should be avoided. When considering tree topping always consult a certified arborist before proceeding to top a tree. Call Yanez Tree Services today and allow us the opportunity to research other solutions for your tree pruning needs. Yanez Tree Services is an experienced company providing Killeen Tree Services for over 15 years. Call today and let us serve you.

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